Oranges: irresistible at any time of year

Brazil is the world’s biggest producer of oranges, which are rich in vitamin C

Besides being the world’s largest producer of oranges, Brazil is also the world’s largest producer of orange juice. The state of São Paulo produces about 75% of all the oranges in Brazil. Orange is one of the most popular fruits worldwide. It is widely used in juices, cakes and ice cream. In addition, it is an ingredient in many dessert recipes, and even in savory dishes. Rich in vitamin C, oranges also provide lots of minerals, fiber and various other substances that are good for us. Oranges help strengthen our body’s defenses and prevent colds, heart disease, and even some cancers. Orange bagasse has fiber, which aids digestion. Orange peel and bagasse are also used in the production of animal feed. There are two versions about the origin of oranges. The most common one is that the fruit comes from China. The other version, which is less common, says the fruit originated in India.

1 juice – suco
2 cake – bolo
3 dessert – doce / sobremesa
4 recipe – receita
5 savory dishes – pratos salgados
6 to strengthen – fortalecer
7 cold – gripe
8 bagasse – bagaço
9 peel – casca
10 animal feed – ração para animais

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