New version of The Little Prince

A little prince lives alone on an asteroid. One day, on one of his journeys through the universe, he finds a lost aviator in the Sahara desert. A beautiful friendship then develops between them. This is the starting point of the book ‘The Little Prince,’ considered one of the greatest works of 20th century literature. This story was the inspiration for a film produced in France with the same title as the book

The film tells the story of a nice girl who moves to a new house with her mother, a strict woman who demands maximum effort from the girl in her studies. Given her hard life, there is little time left over for leisure. However, the girl’s life will begin to change from the time when she gets to know her neighbor: a nice elderly man who likes to watch the stars through a telescope. This man befriends the girl and tells her the beautiful story of friendship between an aviator and a boy. Little by little, in listening to the episodes told by her neighbor, the girl changes the way she sees the world. She learns the true value of friendship, childhood, and the world of imagination – after all, says one sentence taken from the book itself, “The essential is invisible to the eye.” Directed by Mark Osborne, the film is set to open in Brazil on August 20.

                            Worldwide success

The book ‘The Little Prince’ was written by a French pilot named Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (he also drew the book’s illustrations). Published for the first time in 1943, it has now sold a staggering 143 million copies, and is one of the best selling books of all time in the history of literature. This masterpiece of children’s literature has been translated into over 230 languages and dialects.

Voice – Shaldene L. Moore
1 strict – rígida
2 leisure – lazer
3 eldery – idoso
4 to befriend – ficar amigo
5 to draw – desenhar
6 staggering – incrível / impressionante

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