Massive fall in number of smokers in Brazil

A Vigitel survey says the number of smokers in Brazil has fallen by 30.7% in the last nine years

In 2006, 15.6% of Brazilians smoked. This percentage has been falling in recent years. According to a government agency that monitors factors for chronic diseases via telefone interviews, Vigitel, smokers now account for 10.8% of the population. Vigitel surveyed 40,853 people aged over 18 between February and December 2014. This survey has been carried out since 2006 in every state capital in Brazil. One of the main reasons for this fall in the number of smokers is the high price of cigarettes, which has risen well above inflation. Tax data show that the price of cigarettes has increased by 90% over the last five years. In addition, smoking has been banned in closed public places in Brazil.

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The capital with the highest proportion of smokers is Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, where 16.4% of the adult population smokes.The capital with lowest proportion of smokers is São Luís, Maranhão, where smokers account for only 5.5% of the population. The fall in the number of smokers is great news because cigarette smoke contains over 4000 chemicals and 69 of these are known to cause cancer. Smoking also increases the likelihood of lung and cardiovascular disease. In Brazil, smoking is responsible for about 200,000 deaths a year.

Voices – Aasita Muralikrishna e Thiago Ribeiro.

1 massive fall – grande queda
2 smoker – fumante
3 to monitor – monitorar
4 account for – representa
5 Tax data – dados da Receita Federal
6 to ban – proibir
7 closed public places – locais públicos fechados
8 chemicals – substâncias químicas
9 likelihood – probabilidade
10 lung – pulmão

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