Holambra, the City of Flowers

This small city in São Paulo state is the largest producer and exporter of flowers in Brazil. Every September the city holds Expoflora, the largest flower show in Latin America

Holambra is one of the youngest cities of São Paulo state. It was officially recognized on October 27, 1991, and has a population of just over 12,000 people, many of them the descendants of Dutch immigrants. The name Holambra comes from a combination of ‘Holland’, ‘America’, and ‘Brazil.’ Every year the city holds Expoflora, the largest flower and ornamental plant show in Latin America. The event, which lasts only a few days, offers visitors contact not only with flowers but also with the culture of the Netherlands, through food, crafts, music and dance. The architecture of the houses in Holambra is in the Dutch style, and is another attraction in this city, which is considered the safest in Brazil. It ranks 61st among more than 5,500 Brazilian cities in terms of quality of life. Near Campinas, Holambra is just over 120 km from São Paulo.

1 Dutch – holandês
2 Netherlands – Países Baixos (Holanda)
3 crafts – artesanato

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