Chuck Billy grows up and leaves the farm behind…

Like many of Maurício de Sousa’s characters, Chico Bento (Chuck Billy) has now been portrayed in his younger days. He leaves the farm he lives on to study agronomy in the big city

After Monica, Jimmy Five, Smudge and Maggy have been portrayed in teen versions, it is now Chuck Billy’s turn. As a child, Chuck Billy lived in the countryside, surrounded by animals, trees and plants. But time passed by and he grew up. Now, aged 18, he will have to leave this beautiful place behind to study agronomy in a big city. Rosie, his eternal girlfriend, has also passed the entrance exam to university, but will study veterinary science in another city. Chico and Rosie will try to maintain this relationship, even living in different cities. The first comic book in the Chico Bento Jovem series was released in late August. In this first story, Chuck Billy no longer sounds like a country boy when he talks, and he speaks correctly.

                       Chuck Billy, a typical Brazilian country boy

Chuck Billy was created in 1961. To create the character, Maurício de Sousa was inspired by his great-uncle, who lived in Santa Branca, São Paulo. Chuck Billy was a success among children because he was a typical Brazilian country boy. He is naive and likes the simple things. He wears a straw hat and usually walks around barefoot. One of his hobbies is to go fishing with his father. Chuck Billy lives on a small farm close to the fictional Vila Abobrinha. His main friends are Zeke, Cousin Benny and Taka. Despite the release of the new young version, the adventures of Chuck Billy as a child will still be released monthly.

1 to grow up – crescer
2 farm – sítio / fazenda
3 to portray – retratar
4 great-uncle – tio-avô
5 naive – ingênuo
6 straw – palha
7 hat – chapéu
8 barefoot – descalço

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