Chico Bento and rural Brazil

When Maurício de Sousa created this character in the 1960s, most Brazilians lived in rural areas, in harmony with nature, just like Chico Bento. Now, only 15% of the population lives in the countryside

Just like the young Chico Bento (Chuck Billy in English), thousands of young Brazilians have left the countryside and small towns to study in colleges in large and medium-sized cities. Maurício de Sousa and some people from his creative team had some meetings with agricultural students at school in Piracicaba-São Paulo state. The aim was to get information about the course in agronomy and also about the student’s way of life. This information will be useful in the creation of the stories in the series Chico Bento Moço. As for the children’s version of Chico, when Maurício de Sousa created the character, in 1961, more than half of the population of Brazil lived in rural areas.

                             Living in harmony with nature

Just like Chico Bento, the people who lived in the countryside raised livestock, planted their own crops, bathed in streams, fished and lived in harmony with nature. In 1950, almost 64% of the Brazilian population lived in rural areas. But this percentage fell in the decades that followed. In the late 1960s, the number of people living in cities overtook the number of people living in the countryside. Currently, about 15% of the Brazilian population lives in rural areas, according to the IBGE.

Voice – Aasita Muralikrishna

1 countryside – campo / zona rural
2 aim – objetivo
3 to raise livestock – criar animais
4 crop – colheita
5 to bath – tomar banho / banhar-se
6 stream – riacho
7 to overtake – superar

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