The impact of technology on children’s development

Research shows that children aged from three to five years old are able to handle smartphones, tablets and PCs, but many of them cannot do even simple tasks such as tying their shoelaces. In this three-page article, Maganews discusses the impact of technology on children’s development

The Polar Bear

POLAR BEAR CUB: Mum, am I a real polar bear? POLAR BEAR MOTHER: Yes, dear, of course you are. POLAR BEAR CUB: Really? POLAR BEAR MOTHER: Yes, son. I’m a polar bear. Your dad’s a polar bear. Your grandparents are… Continue a ler »The Polar Bear

“Rua 25 de Março”: a shopper’s paradise

Low prices, hundreds of stores, and an amazing variety of products. These are some of the attractions of the largest commercial center in São Paulo. In December, ‘Rua 25 de Março’ is visited by up to a million people a day