novembro 2020

Noel and Adoniran: 100 years of samba

They were born in 1910 and went down in MPB history with unforgettable sambas which told the everyday stories of cariocas and paulistas – songs that painted a picture of Brazil

“Rua 25 de Março”: a shopper’s paradise

Low prices, hundreds of stores, and an amazing variety of products. These are some of the attractions of the largest commercial center in São Paulo. In December, ‘Rua 25 de Março’ is visited by up to a million people a day

New version of The Little Prince

A little prince lives alone on an asteroid. One day, on one of his journeys through the universe, he finds a lost aviator in the Sahara desert. A beautiful friendship then develops between them. This is the starting point of the book ‘The Little Prince,’ considered one of the greatest works of 20th century literature. This story was the inspiration for a film produced in France with the same title as the book

The origin of the nativity scene

Christmas Traditions: The idea of depicting the birth of Jesus in the nativity scene came about in 1223, with Saint Francis of Assisi. Over the years, the idea spread throughout the world

The São Silvestre road race

Considered to be one of the oldest road races in the world, the São Silvestre attracted more than 22,000 runners last year. Maganews now gives you a rundown of the event’s history.

Nelson Mandela’s legacy

He changed the history of South Africa by defeating apartheid and proving to the world that forgiveness, wisdom, tolerance and diplomacy are more powerful weapons than rancor and hatred

Ice cream and summer: a perfect combination!

Mass-produced or homemade. In a tub or cone. With milk or without milk. Regardless of presentation or recipe, it is almost impossible to resist a delicious ice cream during the summer. There is a huge variety of flavors. Check out a brief history of ice cream in Brazil and worldwide

Chico Bento and rural Brazil

When Maurício de Sousa created this character in the 1960s, most Brazilians lived in rural areas, in harmony with nature, just like Chico Bento. Now, only 15% of the population lives in the countryside (+ audio)