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São Paulo

A beloved [1] city, despite its problems

There is no shortage [2] of problems in São Paulo city, but even so two recent surveys have revealed that it is growing in Brazilian’s affections


    Flooding [3], chaotic traffic, a lack of security, and a deficient public health service. These and other problems are routine for people living in the capital of São Paulo State.  However, despite these problems, residents of São Paulo are happier with the city today than they were nine years ago. At least, that is what a survey carried out in January 2010 by the Datafolha Institute says.  The same institute had carried out a survey in 2001 which said that over half the paulistanos wanted to leave the city.  As the years have gone by, many of them have changed their minds [4]. Datafolha’s latest survey says that most residents of São Paulo are not thinking of leaving the city. The Institute asked residents what score [5] they would give São Paulo. Over half of interviewees – 51% - gave scores of eight or more out of ten. Despite its problems, São Paulo has much to offer, such as great job and business opportunities, and an excellent range [6] of leisure [7] and service options. The Datafolha survey was published by the newspaper  Folha de SP on January 24th, on the eve [8] of the city’s anniversary. 


“The best city in Brazil

In 2009 the magazine Viagem e Turismo (published by Abril) carried out a survey among its readers to find “the best city in Brazil.”  São Paulo came first, thanks to the wealth of options in restaurants, shopping, nightlife and the quality of hotels. The State capital is visited by about 11 million tourists a year. Of this total, 50% go on business, 39% on leisure, and the rest for healthcare, to study, and visit family.


Matéria publicada na edição de número 53 da revista Maganews.

Áudio – David Hatton

Foto (Catedral da Sé) – Jefferson Pancieri (SPTur)




1 beloved – amada / querida

2 shortage - escassez

3 flooding (or flood) – enchente

4 change (one’s) mind – mudar de idéia

5 score – aqui = nota / conceito

6 range – variedade / abrangência

7 leisure - lazer

8 eve – véspera