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Gil and Caetano: shows in Europe and Brazil

Two of the geniuses of Brazilian music have come together [1] to celebrate 50 years in the business [2], announcing gigs [3] in Brazil and Europe

Gil and Caetano have several things in common. Both are from Bahia, were born in the same year, 1942, and began their professional careers in 1965. Gil has written some of the classics of popular Brazilian music (MPB).   So has Caetano.  Both have released dozens of albums, won numerous Brazilian and international awards, and are recognized worldwide as great composers. They also helped create Tropicália, one of the most creative musical movements in the history of MPB. Gil says that Caetano is the brother he never had. Caetano, in turn, says that he learned to play guitar from Gil. Their great friendship began in 1963. Over the decades they have worked with each other several times. Now, to celebrate 50 years in the business, they have announced that they will play together in a great tour of Europe and Brazil. The tour is called “Two Friends, one century of music.”  They will begin the European tour in June, playing in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, among other countries. In the second half of the year they will play in the major cities of Brazil.

The arrest of two geniuses

Gil and Caetano's story is not all great achievements and joy. They were persecuted [4] by the military regime and were imprisoned [5] for two months from late 1968 to early 1969. Back then it was common for celebrities who publicly criticized the military regime to be arrested. In 1969 they were forced to leave Brazil and live in exile in London. It was only in 1972 that they received permission to return to Brazil.

Matéria publicada na edição de número 85 da revista Maganews.

Áudio – Aasita Muralikrishna.


1 to come together – unir-se

2 in the business – aqui = carreira

3 gig – show / apresentação

4 to persecute - perseguir

5 to be imprisoned – ser preso