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Dancing: good for the mind and the body

Dancing is a mixture of physical activity and art. It offers many health benefits: relieving stress, improving mood, and helping in weight loss


Waltz, frevo, jazz, ballet and classical, street dance or even folk dancing. The rhythm and style do not matter. What matters is dancing. It does not matter where: maybe in the street, at a club, or at home. Dancing is a mixture of art and physical activity.  Dancing is great for the body and the mind. In an interview on the website JB Online, the president of the Brazilian Sports Medicine Society, Samir Daher, said that “Dancing can help people lose weight”. In addition, this activity offers benefits for the body’s musculature and respiratory system, helping you to breathe better.  Dancing also helps put us in a better mood. “Dancing, as it is a physical activity, releases endorphins, which are related to pleasure. People feel happier during and after dancing”, says Daher.


Let’s dance!

Dancing helps people relax and can even help against depression, as well as stimulating the memory and concentration. Dancing also helps improve motor coordination and can even boost people’s self-esteem. If you do not know how to dance, you can learn. Just join a dance class. People who dance regularly go through an interesting change - they become less shy, feel more confident and feel more at ease when they meet friends or go out.


Áudio – Aasita Muralikrishna

Photo – Paola Oliveira and Átila (Globo / divulgação)



1 to boost – aumentar / levantar

2 self-esteem – auto-estima

3 shy – tímido (a)

4 more at ease – mais a vontade

5 dancing (substantivo) – dança

6 to relieve – aliviar

7 to improve – melhorar

8 mood – humor

9 weight loss – perda de peso / emagrecer

10 waltz – valsa

11 folk dancing – aqui = dança folclórica

12 what matters – o que importa

13 to breathe - respirar

14 to release endorphins – liberar endorfina