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Popular festivals
Popular culture on the up all over Brazil

With each passing year festivals inspired by our popular culture attract an increasing number of people, showing that Brazil is not just about carnival

Brazil is rich in cultural diversity. The mixture of races and peoples [1] has contributed to the formation of our folklore and cultural traditions.  The cultural wealth of the country is expressed through dance, music, cuisine, religion, crafts, [2] legends, folklore, and so on. This cultural wealth can be experienced through the numerous festivals that take place in Brazil's five regions. The good news is that many of these events have become bigger in recent years, attracting larger numbers of visitors, creating thousands and thousands of jobs and generating lots of money for the local economies. Local events in the North and Northeast of Brazil have begun to attract greater media coverage and have become well-known throughout the country.

                     Festival in the Amazon

A good example of all this is the Parintins Folk Festival, in Amazonas State, which began in 1965, inspired by a legend in the Amazon region - a story in which a bull [3] is one of the main characters. One of the aims of this event is to showcase a little of the culture in the Amazon region - its legends, music and dance. This traditional event is held in the last week of June and usually lasts three days. In 2008 Bandeirantes began televising it live. Parintins is a city of 110,000 people, about 420 km from Manaus.  Another event that is attracting more and more tourists is the Cirio de Nazaré, held on the second Sunday of October, in Belém, Pará state. Círio is one of the largest Catholic processions in the world. The faithful [4] walk a long path through the streets of the capital of Pará to honor Our Lady [5] of Nazaré. In 2010 over two million people attended it.  The word "círio" comes from the Latin "cereus," which means "large candle [6]."


Matéria publicada na edição de número 61 da revista Maganews.
Áudio –  Renay Moodley
Ilustração – Calberto

(na edição impressa da revista Maganews você pode conferir matéria completa sobre o tema cultura popular, as grandes festas religiosas, e ainda uma matéria especial sobre o evento Revelando São Paulo, incluindo novos áudios)


1 peoples – povos (people = gente)
2 craft – artesanato
3 bull – búfalo (no caso da festa do boi-bumbá, países de língua inglesa usam o termo  “bull” com maior freqüência do que a palavra “ox”, que quer dizer “boi” 
4 faithful – fiéis
5  Our Lady – Nossa Senhora
6 candle - vela