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Nutrition - Chocolate

The food that everyone loves

It is hard to resist, but be careful not to overdo [1] it. If consumed in moderation, chocolate can be good for your health


   For a while [2], chocolate was seen as an irresistible, but harmful [3], treat [4]. It was said that it could cause acne, diarrhea and headaches [5], besides making you fat [6]. However, several studies in recent years have found that chocolate could be more beneficial than harmful. It can, indeed, be bad for you if you overdo it. In this case, it can trigger [2] migraines or digestive disorders, besides piling on the pounds [8]. Doctors and nutritionists recommend that daily consumption not exceed 50 grams.  The good thing about chocolate, especially dark chocolate [9], is that it is has a high level of substances called flavonoids, which help slow the aging [10] process and help reduce the risk of heart disease. Besides being delicious, chocolate is nutritious because it contains vitamins A, B, C, D and E, and minerals such as iron [11] and phosphorus. The best chocolate in the world is produced in Belgium, France and Switzerland.

The tradition of Easter eggs


   The egg is one of the greatest symbols of Easter. However, long before the birth of Jesus Christ, the egg was already used in celebrations by the ancient peoples of Asia and Europe.  People used to paint and decorate eggs in festivals celebrating the end of winter and early spring, when the crops begin to grow. The egg was seen as a symbol of fertility and renewed life. Over time, Europeans took on the tradition of painting chicken eggs for Easter celebrations.  This tradition has lasted for many centuries. From 1828 through the consolidation of the chocolate industry in England, real eggs began to be replaced by chocolate eggs.

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1 to overdo – exagerar / abusar

2 for a while – durante algum tempo

3 harmful – perigoso / prejudicial

4 treat – prazer

5 headache – dor de cabeça

6 to make fat – engordar

7 to trigger migraines – provocar enxaqueca

8 to pile on the pounds – exp. idiom. = ganhar uns quilinhos a mais

9 dark chocolate – aqui = chocolate amargo

10 aging – envelhecimento

11 iron - ferro